Who are we?

Delgany Parish is an open and welcoming congregation. We are part of the Church of Ireland, which, in turn, is part of the Anglican Communion of churches. We are Protestant in that we follow many of the principles of the Reformation and are an independent church, governed by General Synod which is an assembly of Bishops, clergy and laity, meeting annually. We are not affiliated to the Pope or the Roman Catholic Church. However we are also Catholic, in that we continue the sacraments of the Church, have ordained clergy and subscribe to the Great Councils of the historic church.

Uniquely, our worship follows the Book of Common Prayer, in its various revisions, which was compiled by Archbishop Cranmer in the mid 1600’s. We have both male and female clergy and women are equal in every way. We welcome parishioners of all genders, ethnicity and colour. Many of our congregation began their Christian life in other denominations but have found a welcome and a home with us. We follow Safeguarding Trust and take the safety of young people and children very seriously, requiring training and Garda vetting for anyone in contact with children in the parish. We have an active choir singing weekly, a children’s choir each month and many social activities.